I’m back!!

It’s been a real LONG time but I’m BACK with good news!

Check this out!! We opened a music school!!!


Doesn’t it look great??!! : ) If you live in LA area, please feel free to stop by and say Hi to me or my German guy.

It’s been actually for a while and that’s why I haven’t been able to post any. However I check my favorite bloggers every day. Yes EVERYDAY! SOmetimes more than once… twice… three times!! They are so awesome.

I’m gonna post regularly….. I really want to…….. I rally want to communicate with more people…… Let’s see!!!

I am so happy to be back!! : )




I’m back to the blog world! : ) Well I’ve been checking all my favorite blogs tho….

What I have done for 2~3 months ==> Went to Germany for Christmas, had fun gigs, read books, checked blogs, finally saw that German guy singed the lease for the music school he’s in charge of… I think that’s it!

Talking about the music school…. It’s called Modern Music School what is originally from Germany but there are over 70 schools in Germany, Greece and  Lebanon. We plan to open the fist MMS in the US in March and the grand open will be in April 16th in Pasadena.  How exciting!!!!!  Will talk more about it soon. Stay tuned please!!

I’ve cooked as usual but this German guy has been cooking more than I do cause he now has his signature dish and it really tastes Oh SO GOOOOOOD. 

Usually with pasta but I requested for brown rice.

That German guy’s signature dish features with tuna, onions, tomatoes, broccolis, brussel sprouts, pepper flakes, soy sauce, S&P, and curry powder.

For him, eating healthy used to mean having chicken nuggets and pasta with bottled tomato sauce.  Awesome progress baby!!

All right it’s my turn now.  Eggplant with hummus sauce.

Here we go.                                                                                                  

Simple and easy, right?

I used to hate be afraid of dogs but since I have a roommate who has a dog, I’ve grown love for them. You can see how much I love this dog Pepe aka Miami gang banger(sometimes just simple Ghetto) from how I hold him….. SO MUCH LOVE!

My roommate is SO lazy busy that she doesn’t have time to take him out. but I do have time and I make him poop……

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Easy chili

Is chili easy to make in general or I am just so good at making it somehow. : p I’ve made it before but this time, I added some sweet potatoes and putter nut squash.  SO GOOD. just SO GOOD. and just EASY

Step 1. Sauteed some veggies. Garlic, onion, green pepper, fresh tomato, carrot, corn, green pea, basil with EVOO +red pepper flakes for spice UP.

Step 2. Put canned tomatoes, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, squash and ground flax seeds and sunflower seeds

Look at those seeds!!! Doesn’t look pretty at all. Well but sometimes ugly looking food is tastier…. : p

Step 3. Leave on the light FIRE for 30~40 min then put some more basil.

Step 4. I guess it’s done                    

Lunch. Simple chili bowl with quinoa.

That German guy said it tasted like Cjili cor carne.  Whatever it is, it must taste very good.


Dinner. Little bit fancier with GOAT MILK BRIE and eggs.

Chili with goat milk brie is SOMETHING. I mean SOMETHING!!!!!

I’m in so love with this one.

Halloween sunday soon which I don’t really care but my roommate bought this for her dog Pepe.

It’s a squirrel!!!!! He loves to walk out with sunglasses.

You are the coolest, Pepe!!

Bass Player Live 2010

There was an event called Bass player live yesterday and today at SIR studio in Hollywood. Clinics by Vitor Wooten, Nathan Watts, Divinity Roxx, Bootsy Collins, Anthony Wellington, etc….. 

Didn’t take any picture, record  except these 2 photos.

I LOVED Divinity Roxx clinic. Just in case you are not familiar with her, she’s a bass player for Beyonce.  Before I saw her, I’d thought she’s a big and tall African American lady but she was skinny and so pretty!!! : ) Didn’t know she started the bass when she was in college. I mean most of ‘famous’ musicians, they start their instruments very early in their age.  Like 4 ~10.  It already gave me HOPE that maybe someday I’ll be like her. haha : )

Even though she started late, could tell how much she’s put time for practice(not just practice hard but practice hard efficiently) to get to this level. There’s no such genius as I believe. They just LOVE so much what they do and spend a quality time with it.

I loved her confidence. I seriously want me to have some more confident. Doesn’t matter how many people give me amazing compliments, I just don’t feel confident AT ALL!!! As Victor Wooten says, should not be afraid of making mistakes and be CONFIDENT!!!

After attended this event, I set the  new goal……. Be CONFIDENT!!!!!!!!!!

I should not be too harsh on myself and give me the chance to relax.

Had so much fun at this event and I’ve learned a lot from amazing musicians. Thanks to Bass player magazine!

Btw there’s CD release at In His Presence Church on 17th of November.  I recorded 10 songs and our band will be playing all of them in CD on that day.  Haven’t played at church for almost 2 months because of Klymaxx gig but I’m glad that I can participate in this project.  If you are around LA area, feel free to come join us on 17th of November. ow It’s Wednesday!

It’s rainy in Hollywood. Let’s have a peaceful night with some hot tea! : )

My very first pumpkin bread

Hello there,

How have you been? I’ve been doing really good.  That German guy got back last week and we’ve been dealing with some business stuff. (Well frankly I just hung out with his boss. Having awesome food, and seeing a movie Red====> Double thumbs UP!!!)  haha. Have I mentioned that he’s about to open the new music school in LA.   Him and his boss who owns over 70 music school in Germany, Greece and Lebanon. It’s called Modern Music School.  Once we get the location, I’ll put some more information here. Like Radiohead said Anyone can play guitar! Even drums, bass guitar, keyboard, ow and sing!!!

So the other day, I was reading Heather‘s blog and found out this bread. Well, heather found it from HERE.  Alex’s Spoonful of Sugar Free rocks!!

So basically I got inspired and started throwing  ingredients what I had.  The result?  Look at this!! : )

Prepared for that German guy.  He LOVES Nutela and butter. He HATES peanut butter. He basically just ignores how BAD Nutela is and keeps saying that as long as he doesn’t have it everyday, it’s fine.  All right. WHATEVA!! Most of Germans I’ve met the same. WHY???!!!! Time to make some homemade chocolate spread.

And until then no more Nutela!!

By the way do you know what I put to make this bread?

Pumpkin puree, oats, almond meal, flax seed water(soaked flax seeds in the water), salt, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, eggs and tiny lil bit of baking powder. 

Again,,,, didn’t measure but luckily I got a gooooood result!! : ) 

How easy baking bread is without even measuring!

yea right.  But seriously, it’s fun to experiment. But I know for sure that one point, I should follow the instruction and I will do!

TGIF! Are you ready for a groovy weekend??!!

Semi paid vacation #2.

I was at Morongo casino last weekend.  This time, I took some more pictures. No words needed. Check this out! 🙂

and me 10 min before the call time

When I woke up, it was  rainy and cloudy in the morning, but after I hit the gym, the sun came out!!!! Hung at the pool for 4hrs, headed to the outlet but the weather was soooo weird. Cloudy part and sunny part together..

This outlet is HUGE but I’m not a big fan of it. Even though they had some good deals,,,,, like                                                                                             

but not for me. Pink? and that Blue?? No thanks.

Had 2 meals at the buffet but nothing can beat home cooking!!

Sauteed a whole onion, tomatoes  and green peas, eggs, spinaches, bruschetta, and sweet potatoes with goat cheese! Goat cheese and sweet potatoes are very very good together with a hint of cinnamon.

I’m going to Morongo on 15th, if you want to have fun at the pool or see Klymaxx concert, let me know! : )

Celebrate good times c’mon!

As I mentioned before, have something to share with you people out there.

I always enjoy work out but never had committed to the gym or hiking regularly.  It’s always whenever I felt like to work out OR when I ate too much. Which kinda made me eat a lot at once and starve myself for hours.  How bad it is. HOW BAD.

Sep. 1st. I didn’t mean to start on the 1st but somehow I did. What did I do? I started working out in the morning. Wake up 7, go to the gym hiking or running. My goal was to commit for 21 days. Why 21 days? I saw the article Julie mentioned about her blog Peanut butter fingers.  I found her blog 31st of August and started planning my goal from 9/1/10.

Obviously I made my goal and have made it as a routine. Working out in the morning is SO important to me now and can’t live without it!!!!

When I had set up 21 day goal, I promised myself that if i made it, I would give me a heart rate monitor! : ) Guess what?! I have one now!!! Found the good deal on a website called Heart rate monitors usa.

yep it’s green. I had hesitated to get the GREEN watch but it was $30 cheaper than black. And I love it!!! It’s not ugly green! It’s pretty green!!! : )

I’m having so much fun wok out with this watch and proud of myself.

I feel way more healthier, happier, SEXIER haha, and more confident!!   Wanna see toned up Song? Will upload my picture on BIKINIS!! haha. someday,,,,,

By the way, that German guy hasn’t been back yet but on Tuesday afternoon, he will hit LAX!!!! Finally!!!! Haven’t seen him for almost a month.  Can’t wait to be with my German!!!!!! Very proud of you baby Geist and I love you.