Juice cleanse Day 5

Hi one reader out there!! Yes you!!! I guess you are the only one who reads my blog. I appreciate it. : )
It was pretty good today. I had to be at school all day today so after breakfast I couldn’t eat at all. We are that busy…which is awesome.

Breakfast – apple celery juice
Dinner – apple carrot juice + mashed banacado(banana and avocado)
Kinda cheated cause banacado is not juice but who cares!!!!

Ok so this mashed banana and avocado tastes soooooooo good!! Just try, you will love it. Feel like eating baby food.




Pictures from my breakfast.

Grocery shopping for sure tomorrow.

On day 7, I’m gonna post how different since I started cleansing……. Excited???!!! : p

Saw Colombiana at 3 dollar theater in Pasadena. Totally reminded me of the Professional one of my FAVORITE movie. The movie was good the weather was insanely cold!!!

Hope you have a cozy and warm night.


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