Juice cleanse Day 4

Wish it were day 5…: p
Not bad today. No craving for food no hunger for food. It’s like Newton’s first law… Until something crazy powerful hits me, I will stay this status…. Feeling good without food.

I don’t know why but I keep forgetting taking pictures. Got one from dinner though…..


Mighty apple celery juice with a painting of a cup cake that one of my student painted for me. She knew what I am all about….

Breakfast – apple cucumber juice
Lunch- again…. Apple cucumber juice
Dinner – apple celery juice.

I know I’ve been drinking so much apple blah juice and it’s not really healthy only drinking few different fruits and veggies BUT it’s just so tasty and easy to make. Will TRY to TRY some different stuff though.

Talked to students and parents and some of them still don’t have power so that they need to spend tonight all together in the same room without any heat but blankets. How lucky I am that everything is fine and working in my home and the school. Really hope that they get warm together and power back ASAP.

Have a warm night people.


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