Juice cleanse Day 2

All I want for Christmas is bread and butter. This cleansing went so good till I talked about thanksgiving with a mom of one student at our school. We talked about what we did and had for thanksgiving around 5 pm and I almost touched the bread when I got home like 30 min ago but grabbed cucumber, apples and carrots and made juice. Cucumber makes the juice so fresh!! Well it was yummy and I think I’m good without bread and butter. It’s kinda interesting that you still crave for real food and feel hungry even though after you have super yummy and huge amount of juice however wait 12 min more then you start feeling satisfied. Pretty cool.





Breakfast and lunch: sweet potato apple juice

Dinner: apple carrot cucumber juice

Sweet potatoes make juice milkiiiish….. I meant like milk…. Very tasty.

It’s ONLY 7 15 pm now. Will have some ‘sweet potato latte’ in a couple hours.

Btw my 5year old MacBook is way too slow to blog so I guess I will do with my iPhone till I get something…..

Have a groovy night!!


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