I’m back to the blog world! : ) Well I’ve been checking all my favorite blogs tho….

What I have done for 2~3 months ==> Went to Germany for Christmas, had fun gigs, read books, checked blogs, finally saw that German guy singed the lease for the music school he’s in charge of… I think that’s it!

Talking about the music school…. It’s called Modern Music School what is originally from Germany but there are over 70 schools in Germany, Greece and  Lebanon. We plan to open the fist MMS in the US in March and the grand open will be in April 16th in Pasadena.  How exciting!!!!!  Will talk more about it soon. Stay tuned please!!

I’ve cooked as usual but this German guy has been cooking more than I do cause he now has his signature dish and it really tastes Oh SO GOOOOOOD. 

Usually with pasta but I requested for brown rice.

That German guy’s signature dish features with tuna, onions, tomatoes, broccolis, brussel sprouts, pepper flakes, soy sauce, S&P, and curry powder.

For him, eating healthy used to mean having chicken nuggets and pasta with bottled tomato sauce.  Awesome progress baby!!

All right it’s my turn now.  Eggplant with hummus sauce.

Here we go.                                                                                                  

Simple and easy, right?

I used to hate be afraid of dogs but since I have a roommate who has a dog, I’ve grown love for them. You can see how much I love this dog Pepe aka Miami gang banger(sometimes just simple Ghetto) from how I hold him….. SO MUCH LOVE!

My roommate is SO lazy busy that she doesn’t have time to take him out. but I do have time and I make him poop……

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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