Easy chili

Is chili easy to make in general or I am just so good at making it somehow. : p I’ve made it before but this time, I added some sweet potatoes and putter nut squash.  SO GOOD. just SO GOOD. and just EASY

Step 1. Sauteed some veggies. Garlic, onion, green pepper, fresh tomato, carrot, corn, green pea, basil with EVOO +red pepper flakes for spice UP.

Step 2. Put canned tomatoes, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, squash and ground flax seeds and sunflower seeds

Look at those seeds!!! Doesn’t look pretty at all. Well but sometimes ugly looking food is tastier…. : p

Step 3. Leave on the light FIRE for 30~40 min then put some more basil.

Step 4. I guess it’s done                    

Lunch. Simple chili bowl with quinoa.

That German guy said it tasted like Cjili cor carne.  Whatever it is, it must taste very good.


Dinner. Little bit fancier with GOAT MILK BRIE and eggs.

Chili with goat milk brie is SOMETHING. I mean SOMETHING!!!!!

I’m in so love with this one.

Halloween sunday soon which I don’t really care but my roommate bought this for her dog Pepe.

It’s a squirrel!!!!! He loves to walk out with sunglasses.

You are the coolest, Pepe!!


2 responses to “Easy chili

  1. I love that you used the big chunks of tomatoes, because I like thick and chunky chili.

    Good idea on putting the goat cheese on top…never thought of it for myself.

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