Bass Player Live 2010

There was an event called Bass player live yesterday and today at SIR studio in Hollywood. Clinics by Vitor Wooten, Nathan Watts, Divinity Roxx, Bootsy Collins, Anthony Wellington, etc….. 

Didn’t take any picture, record  except these 2 photos.

I LOVED Divinity Roxx clinic. Just in case you are not familiar with her, she’s a bass player for Beyonce.  Before I saw her, I’d thought she’s a big and tall African American lady but she was skinny and so pretty!!! : ) Didn’t know she started the bass when she was in college. I mean most of ‘famous’ musicians, they start their instruments very early in their age.  Like 4 ~10.  It already gave me HOPE that maybe someday I’ll be like her. haha : )

Even though she started late, could tell how much she’s put time for practice(not just practice hard but practice hard efficiently) to get to this level. There’s no such genius as I believe. They just LOVE so much what they do and spend a quality time with it.

I loved her confidence. I seriously want me to have some more confident. Doesn’t matter how many people give me amazing compliments, I just don’t feel confident AT ALL!!! As Victor Wooten says, should not be afraid of making mistakes and be CONFIDENT!!!

After attended this event, I set the  new goal……. Be CONFIDENT!!!!!!!!!!

I should not be too harsh on myself and give me the chance to relax.

Had so much fun at this event and I’ve learned a lot from amazing musicians. Thanks to Bass player magazine!

Btw there’s CD release at In His Presence Church on 17th of November.  I recorded 10 songs and our band will be playing all of them in CD on that day.  Haven’t played at church for almost 2 months because of Klymaxx gig but I’m glad that I can participate in this project.  If you are around LA area, feel free to come join us on 17th of November. ow It’s Wednesday!

It’s rainy in Hollywood. Let’s have a peaceful night with some hot tea! : )


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