My very first pumpkin bread

Hello there,

How have you been? I’ve been doing really good.  That German guy got back last week and we’ve been dealing with some business stuff. (Well frankly I just hung out with his boss. Having awesome food, and seeing a movie Red====> Double thumbs UP!!!)  haha. Have I mentioned that he’s about to open the new music school in LA.   Him and his boss who owns over 70 music school in Germany, Greece and Lebanon. It’s called Modern Music School.  Once we get the location, I’ll put some more information here. Like Radiohead said Anyone can play guitar! Even drums, bass guitar, keyboard, ow and sing!!!

So the other day, I was reading Heather‘s blog and found out this bread. Well, heather found it from HERE.  Alex’s Spoonful of Sugar Free rocks!!

So basically I got inspired and started throwing  ingredients what I had.  The result?  Look at this!! : )

Prepared for that German guy.  He LOVES Nutela and butter. He HATES peanut butter. He basically just ignores how BAD Nutela is and keeps saying that as long as he doesn’t have it everyday, it’s fine.  All right. WHATEVA!! Most of Germans I’ve met the same. WHY???!!!! Time to make some homemade chocolate spread.

And until then no more Nutela!!

By the way do you know what I put to make this bread?

Pumpkin puree, oats, almond meal, flax seed water(soaked flax seeds in the water), salt, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, eggs and tiny lil bit of baking powder. 

Again,,,, didn’t measure but luckily I got a gooooood result!! : ) 

How easy baking bread is without even measuring!

yea right.  But seriously, it’s fun to experiment. But I know for sure that one point, I should follow the instruction and I will do!

TGIF! Are you ready for a groovy weekend??!!


4 responses to “My very first pumpkin bread

  1. You’re a very intuitive cook…you’d have to be if you can make bread without measuring. Very impressive, and it looks delicious.

    Europeans are all obsessed with Nutella from what I can tell. You should introduce the Germany Guy to Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter. Not quite as rich or sweet as Nutella but much less sugar and pretty darn tasty. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed Alex’s recipe. I love it too!
    Have a good weekend. 🙂

    • haha Thanks Heather! Love it INTUITIVE!! : )
      I will introduce Justin’s to that German guy. I’m excited to try it, too! Must say that Nutella is GOOD. : p And must say that I can feel your heart is so warm!! Love it!!!

  2. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Oh wow, your bread looks really yummy, too!

    I was never a big fan of nutella, but I LOVE peanut butter-complete opposite of the German guy!!!!

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