Semi paid vacation #2.

I was at Morongo casino last weekend.  This time, I took some more pictures. No words needed. Check this out! 🙂

and me 10 min before the call time

When I woke up, it was  rainy and cloudy in the morning, but after I hit the gym, the sun came out!!!! Hung at the pool for 4hrs, headed to the outlet but the weather was soooo weird. Cloudy part and sunny part together..

This outlet is HUGE but I’m not a big fan of it. Even though they had some good deals,,,,, like                                                                                             

but not for me. Pink? and that Blue?? No thanks.

Had 2 meals at the buffet but nothing can beat home cooking!!

Sauteed a whole onion, tomatoes  and green peas, eggs, spinaches, bruschetta, and sweet potatoes with goat cheese! Goat cheese and sweet potatoes are very very good together with a hint of cinnamon.

I’m going to Morongo on 15th, if you want to have fun at the pool or see Klymaxx concert, let me know! : )


2 responses to “Semi paid vacation #2.

  1. I’m so jealous, that place looks amazing….

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