Celebrate good times c’mon!

As I mentioned before, have something to share with you people out there.

I always enjoy work out but never had committed to the gym or hiking regularly.  It’s always whenever I felt like to work out OR when I ate too much. Which kinda made me eat a lot at once and starve myself for hours.  How bad it is. HOW BAD.

Sep. 1st. I didn’t mean to start on the 1st but somehow I did. What did I do? I started working out in the morning. Wake up 7, go to the gym hiking or running. My goal was to commit for 21 days. Why 21 days? I saw the article Julie mentioned about her blog Peanut butter fingers.  I found her blog 31st of August and started planning my goal from 9/1/10.

Obviously I made my goal and have made it as a routine. Working out in the morning is SO important to me now and can’t live without it!!!!

When I had set up 21 day goal, I promised myself that if i made it, I would give me a heart rate monitor! : ) Guess what?! I have one now!!! Found the good deal on a website called Heart rate monitors usa.

yep it’s green. I had hesitated to get the GREEN watch but it was $30 cheaper than black. And I love it!!! It’s not ugly green! It’s pretty green!!! : )

I’m having so much fun wok out with this watch and proud of myself.

I feel way more healthier, happier, SEXIER haha, and more confident!!   Wanna see toned up Song? Will upload my picture on BIKINIS!! haha. someday,,,,,

By the way, that German guy hasn’t been back yet but on Tuesday afternoon, he will hit LAX!!!! Finally!!!! Haven’t seen him for almost a month.  Can’t wait to be with my German!!!!!! Very proud of you baby Geist and I love you.



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