It’s quite insanely hot in LA. I LOVE hot weather so so much but this one is too powerful. Air feels way dirtier than before cause the heat melts everything and toxic comes out from it…. I think. I guess.

If it’s so hot, I usually have no appetite but iced coffee. However it’s different now. I haven’t drunk coffee for a month and I’m not missing it at all. Instead I try to eat more and drink more. Of course water. Well haven’t had alcohol forever!

Let’s see what I have eaten… : )                      

You can’t see another egg but 2 eggs in the cup!! Featuring with

bruschetta, spinach and quinoa. So good! I threw the spinach on the pan right after cooked eggs. Like semi sauteed spinach?

I believe that I’m strong enough to kill salmonella…. I hope that…..

Had eggs 2 days in a row. Love them!!

Yellow squash salad with tomatoes, basil, rosemary, SnP, and EVOO. Spinach, quinoa, and salsa.


Ow had another dish with eggs! Yes, I had chili and eggs!!! I don’t know I can call this for chili. You tell me. : )

Step 1.  Throw everything into the pot.

which were fire roasted crushed tomatoes,

$2.00 at wholefoods. ON SALE!!

Fresh basil. I have a basil pot!(but it’s so out of control. need a bigger pot)

Chili beans. It was on sale too!


+OVOO, 1 onion. That was it. Ow I put some green peas.

Step 2. Put on the FIRE!                  

even after 40 min on the medium heat, it was too watery so what did I do?

PUT FLAX SEEDS!!                            

Result? Look at this!!!!

Just 4 min after, it got thicker!! That’s what I do when something is still too watery, put flax seeds!!! : ) It works when you cook quinoa.  If you think you put too much water, just throw some flax seeds last min.  It’s a done deal.

Had chili, sauteed brussel sprouts with rosemary, eggs, spinach and quinoa together.   Yum! But next morning I was craving for banana and chili!!

Cooked eggs and bananas with rosemary.  Rosemary is awesome.

Mix it with chili and quinoa. Weird?? But so delicious!!

Have I been eating too much?? : )

28th of September. It’s a big day for my German guy. He’s on tour but has an interview for the visa in the morning on 28th. Basically he and his friend plan to open the new music school in LA and of course need the visa to do something in the US. I’m sure he’ll get it. He gets the visa and comes back to the La La land sooooon.  Go baby Go!!!!!! Would you wish him good luck? Would you pray for him? :  )


2 responses to “HEAT WAVE

  1. Looks like we have very similiar tastes in food! it all looks delicious!

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