Semi paid vacation

Why semi? Cause I worked. I mean played for 2 nights at Morongo casino.  But had awesome time to just relax, shop and enjoy the sun in Palm Springs.  The casino was RIGHT by Dessert premium outlet.

The pool was awesome.  Featured with a lazy pool.

And free buffet, room,  gym and blah blah,,,,,, Didn’t have enough battery on my phone so no pictures this time, but I’m going again 1st, 2nd and 17thof October. Will bring the charger and take some pictures for you guys whoever(bet you rock!!) come and check this blog. : )

If you live in LA area or close enough to check that casino, GO FOR! They have nice spa with reasonable price, awesome pool(kids will love it!), again OUTLET!!! Well, honestly I don’t like shopping in general anymore ( especially at the outlets.  That throws me off,,,,) but if you know what you exactly want to buy, then outlet would be prefect for you. Like I got adidas training pants for $12!! Picture coming sooooon. : ) Cause I want to celebrate something with you guys!!

That German guy is on tour and the first city is Vienna so he’s right there RIGHT at the moment. Very proud of him and happy for him but kinda jealous!!!! Wanna go to Vienna, too!!! Someday,,, with my band…… yes!!!!! Ow have I told you that I’m planning to go to Germany for this Christmas???!!! Haven’t got the tickets yet but already got a nice winter hat like 5 months ago : )Is there anyone been there before?

Even thought I had awesome time in Palm Springs, I’ve got stressed out like crazy dealing with roommates(moving back and forth, changing the decision, blah blah a whole new drama!). HOWEVER posting this made me feel waayyyyyyyyy better!!! It’s so amazing!!!! I just became Happy Song again!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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