The Sun is back!!

Finally!!!! It was cloudy and foggy for 3 days but now it’s sunshine time again with more breeze.  As soon as I saw the sun, went hiking.

Look at this!!! No smog!!! Did it rain??? I don’t know!!

Remember that I mentioned about rattle snakes at Runyon Canyon? How would you feel when you go hiking and see this sign?

If you have luck, you will meet some snakes. I’ve seen snakes a couple times but not rattles…… Hate them!!! I hate snakes!!!!!!!!!

Let’s forget about snakes!! Hmmmm,,,how about Tuna Curry with quinoa?

Step 1. EVOO + garlic +red pepper flakes(we need some HOT moment!!)                  

Step 2. Onion!

Step 3. Bell bepper

Step 4. TUNA!!

Tuna for salad —–> in water. Tuna for cooking ——> in olive oil. That’s what I like to use.

Step 5.  Tiny little bit of salt, more than tiny  little bit of soy sauce, curry powder, cumin


Had it with quinoa and salad. Very delicious.  I mean VEERRRYYYYY. : )

That German guy LOVED it!!!! Ow did I tell you he’s back???!!! yay!!! He got back from Germany last night. Will stay here for 6 days then leave for Deutschland again. Busiest guy in the world….??!! Hey, but I STILL love you. : )

All right, have a groovy friday night!


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