My very first green smoothies

Can you believe that it’s already EIGHTH of September??!! It’s been VERY cloudy in LA. NO SUN. =NO FUN

But I finally met this beautiful creature….    

GREEN SMOOTHIE!!!!! Yea I know it doesn’t look green cause I put some blueberries and it made this supposed to be green smoothie to NOT very green one. However I must say that it was VERY tasty.

Salad mix, 1 banana, celery, a half avocado, blueberries  with unsweetened almond milk =BOMB!! (I think celery is the KEY!!!)

The reason why I had hesitated to make this was because of Vita mix!!! I thought it’s not possible to make green smoothies without it! Apparently you can do it with just a regular blender!!! How awesome!!! But someday…. will possess that amazing vita mix…….!!

So basically I now drink this twice a day. I’m so lovin’ it!!!

with no blueberries =more green!!! : ) top with little bit of PB.

So good!! So good!!! I got you!!!!


2 responses to “My very first green smoothies

  1. whoohoo 🙂 truly a great way to get some veggies!

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