Smoked LA

How’s your holiday going? How awesome to have Monday OFF!!! Well not me though. Another regular rehearsal at 11 am. LOVE it!!!

Yesterday started with hiking at Runyon Canyon cause I woke up with craving for vitamin D like crazy and the weather in LA could help me except….. that… SMOG


Can you see the sky line of downtown LA over there?? No? I know, it’s TOTALLY covered with smog. amazing,,,,, But if you go there after rains, you can even see the ocean!  Let’s wait for the rain!!!

Wait, you don’t only see LA covered with smog at Runyon Canyon but also HOUSES!                                                                                  

and celebrities like Jessica Biel, Miranda Kerr, Olrando Bloom blah blah,,,,   and rattle snakes. Yes, have seen a couple times but luckily the small ones ……STILL!!

If you come to hollywood, please visit there. It’s waaaay better than walk around Hollywood blvd with millions of people plus crazy hollyweird people.

Ow did I mention that it’s dog friendly park?

which is not good for me. I’m scared of dogs….  except Vizsla!!!

Well well well, after having some vitamin D, was ready for breakfast!

Over night oats, sun flower seed, flax seeds, blueberries with whole grain milk. Added PB. So good. So good . So good.

Went to the Grove for some shopping and stopped by Porttery Barn Kids then saw this.                                                                                                

Wayyyy too girly but the cutest kitchen ever! Would be fun playing with cute girls!! I love babies and kids!! Especially little girls!!

Isn’t she SOOOO adorable?? Her name is Mindy who is a daughter of a Pastor I know.  Love her so much AND she loves me a lot, too!! : ) Miss you Mindy!!

Missing her and shopping made me hungry so baked some granola bars.

Will post steps soon!! It’s time to go to sleep for me. : )

Let’s have a wonderful holiday monday!!


2 responses to “Smoked LA

  1. I almost went to the Grove today! Maya loves hanging out at Pottery Barn Kids…she can spend a good hour in there. Talk about free entertainment!

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