Everybody in the studio I play at has iphones and they all DIG it.  The engineer took this photo and sent it to me.

Only cool people wear sunglasses in the dark studio. How about THAT?! Well the truth was I just forgot wearing them.

I think he was totally show off about what iphone can do. Like editing the picture??

Because of bad reception of AT&T, I didn’t want to buy it but NOW I’m considering of getting thheeeeeee iphone.  Hey German, after your interview, and when you come back to LA with your new visa, I’m so buying it. Screw verizon and crackberry!!!

Even though I don’t have mighty iphone, took a picture of my dinner tonight!!

Tuna salad with mixed greens.

No step pictures cause it’s just too simple to make!

Mix tuna(in water. tuna for salad—->in water. tuna for cook with FIRE—->in olive oil), non fat greek yogurt, capers, onion, salary, dill, tiny bit of curry powder, salt and pepper.

Made extra dressing for greens.                                          

It was just enough for dressing so threw some frozen blueberries and agave in the yogurt.

Easy and simple but very delicious.

What do you plan for this holiday weekend?? Me? Practice, gym, cook, bake, and  maybe EARTH WIND AND FIRE concert at the Hollywood bowl!!

Let’s have a boogie night tonight!!!


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