Goat cheese meets bananas

The other day,  made banana goat cheese spread with agave.

Had it with french toast,


white peach and  peanut butter.

Goat cheese and banana spread…. Very unique and delicious. If you don’t like the flavor of goat cheese, forget it but if you do love it, try. Worth it!

So I got inspired by that GC and B combination and decided to bake bread with it. Didn’t plan it at all, so I kinda just threw whatever I felt like.

Step 1. Put bananas, agave, non fat greek yogurt, and goat cheese.

Step 2. Put flour, baking soda, baking powder, protein powder, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, raisins and steel cut oats(just little bit this time).

Used this. Out of regular whole wheat flour.

And the reason why I use protein powder for baking is of course I want some protein in my bread but the real reason is I don’t have vanilla extract but Jay rob rice protein powder, VANILLA flavor works!

Step 3. Pour step 2 into a cooking pan then bake it! 447F, 46 min.


It tasted like…… waffle!!!, especially the outside of bread!! Assume because of flour or I just accidently put perfect amount of ingredients for waffle. : }

and fluffish chewy  inside. Flax seeds,,,,, wherever they are, they always do good job. Cant stop loving them!!! Luckily I made another tasty bread.  I know that German is proud of me in Deutschland. Right? RIGHT????? RIGHT?????!!!!!

Banana bread with hint of goat cheese, would you like to try? : )

Today’s song.  Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson. Nice melody.


2 responses to “Goat cheese meets bananas

  1. ohhhh, next time i have goat cheese i know what i’m doing!! i’m not a fan of goat cheese on its own – but when mixed with something it’s heavenly. i made a goat cheese and fig spread once – i imagine your goat cheese and banana spread would go great with a fig and some chives in there, too 🙂
    i just love that you made a bread with it, too. send some over this way? please?!

  2. goat cheese and fig spread + chives,,,,, sounds BOMB!! You are one genius!!
    Will send some!!! But first, I need to figure out how much I put all the ingredients,,,,, talking about constancy!!

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