Already Wednesday. wow. Time really does fly!!My band has a show on 17th and 18th of September and tomorrow is the first rehearsal day for the show. I think almost 40 songs on the set list and we will run through 14 songs tomorrow. Am I ready? NO!!!!! When I am in the cooking or baking mood, can’t focus on any other stuff.  And it happened today.

Didn’t have time to have breakfast so took a banana to the studio then finished it.

Got home at 1:30pm. Made breakfastish lunch–>Brunch, right?

Almost the same breakfast as yesterday except one egg with capers and hot sauce. Do you like capers? I do love them!

So my experiment happened right after lunch. I started craving for hard pretzel and focaccia bread. yep, non sweet bread. I looked for some recipes but all of them needed yeast. Of course I didn’t have it. What about substitute for yeast?  Needed lemon juice. Nop I didn’t have it either. Nevertheless, I decided to make something. This is how the experiment started…..

Step 1. Put whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt and parmesan & romano cheese together in theee POT

Step 2. Put one egg, non fat greek yogurt, water and GRAPEFRUIT juice.          Yep Talking about substitute!

Step 3. Mix them and make dough.

It was easier than I thought and didn’t even take much time. like 14 min??

Step 4. Wrap the dough with plastic then put it in the refrigerator for 25 min.

While I was waiting for that 25 min, cleaned the pot, listened to some amazing tunes,  like this?

Step 5. Make the shape how you want.

Put sunflower seeds and flax seeds on some of them.  Sprinkled little bit more cheese then brushed with actually rubbed with olive oil with bail.

Step 6. Bake them!! 350F. 30~40min.

Then,,,,,it’s done……

Very satisfied with this experiment.  It was like hard pretzel with tad bit soft of very inside.

Had them with fig jam. —->mashed fig + little bit of agave

All right, now what??!! I’m about to hit the gym then will work on songs with fresh mind and body!! Does anybody go to LA fitness in Hollywood? Then we should meet up there!!! : )

Have a FANTASTIC evening!!!!!!


4 responses to “Experiment

  1. I am so impressed with this! They look totally professional…I had no idea how easy it is to make these??

  2. MMM. That bread looks delicious but with fig jam?! Amazing. Thanks for the blog comment, glad to meet another LA foodie!

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