Another hot day.

Here in LA is HOT. Very HOT. Hot + Dry=No appetite

But can’t skip the meals!


Fruit plate —–>Green figs, sugar plum, white peach, a half banana w non fat greek yogurt, PB, cinnamon, and a tiny drop of agave


Fruit jar.—–>Same fruits with breakfast but no figs in the PB jar

Dinner : Grilled veggies

Step 1.  Put EVOO and a lot of garlic

Step 2. When the garlic gets brown, put veggies

Mine were just brussels sprouts, beets

Had it with spring mix and figs. No dressing. Sprinkled with flax seeds. Spread figs on cracker and put a pinch of cinnamon.

Tasted gooooood but Garlic and INSTANT fig spread were theee heros.

Had a good day with learning the new songs for the gigs. Even though that German is not here with me, I’m doing so great!! : ) Maybe even better??!!

No, miss you a lot!! : ) ——–> Awesome disco bass!!! Classic!!


4 responses to “Another hot day.

  1. The brussels sprouts look fantastic! And I think fig spread is brilliant!

    I can’t wait for this heat to be over…supposedly we are going below normal this weekend. I can’t wait!

  2. oh figs! they can fix anything!

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