Wherever you will go

How are you doing people?

I had a busy but wonderful weekend.

So last saturday, I played at the private party in Brentwood.   The house was gorgeous and they had like a small forest in their back yard.

and there was a serious bbq going on,,,,,,

Last we had a moment to remember the lady who passed away a year ago. There’s her husband with a mic who organized this memorial party.  

Everybody had a great time and celebrated our FABULOUS lives, and I had fun with playing good music.

However this morning,  I had to drive That German guy to the airport. He’s on the plane right at the moment to Deutschland.  You German, I already miss you a whole bunch!!! Have a safe trip and don’t forget my baby lotions!!!!!!! kkkkkkkk (this kkkkkk means like between teeheeheehe and hahahahahaha in Korean also German. : D )

Do you know that they have some good quality of baby lotions? Will show you some pictures when he comes back with them.

Want to dedicate this song to that German guy who knows this singer’s most of songs VERY well. Especially drum solos…….. lol.


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