Green Figs

Have you seen green figs before? I’d never, even heard about it. But yesterday I found it at Trader Joes.

And had them for breakfast this morning.

with a cookie I baked yesterday, non fat greek yogurt, almond butter, cinnamon and sugar plum.

Green figs taste like purple figs. No HUGE difference between them but green was juicier and less tangy. Everytime I eat figs, my mouth gets numb. Does it happen to everyone?

So talking about cookies, I was in the baking mood yesterday and I did bake cookies for the first time in my life. Yes, for the first time.

The thing is I don’t measure so I usually remember the ingredients then cook or bake. It happened yesterday, too. Just started experiment. And the result? Good. I mean GOOOOOOD. I brought one cookie to church rehearsal and shared with J, K and that German. All of them liked it, especially J. He said he wanted the recipe.

J, Today, I baked cookies AGAIN for you. Just for you. : ) Follow the instruction and make it for K. (This K is different from the one who was at the rehearsal.) Ready??!!

Step 1. Put blueberries(frozen), almond butter, agave in theeee POT and mix it.

Btw I didn’t put yogurt yesterday but I did it today. Recommend you to do so.

Step 2.  Mix whole wheat flour, oats, salt, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon

I used both steel cut( a lot) and rolled oats. Steel cut oats give cookies more texture.

Step 3. Put step 2 —->step 1 and mix it.

I put 2/3 of  step 2 to step 1 then check the texture then I put rest of it.  Even though you measure exactly as a recipe says, I think it’s a good idea to do this.

Ow and I threw sun sunflower seeds, a few raisins, and FLAX SEEDS —>Most important ingredients!!!! They make everything tastier. EVERYTHING….

In my case,,,,,, no measure,,,, follow your instinct…………

Step 4. Baking time!!! 367F(350~373 )===> Do I have a digital oven? No ,17 min.

Step 5. Place them to the RACK to cool it down——> Yes, mine was the thing when you steam food.   What do you call it for?

You can bake awesome cookies without fancy tools!!! (Hey German, is it too Ghetto? I know I know  you LOVE this!!!)

That is it! Isn’t it easy??

I took one cookie to starbucks and had it with mint tea. One of girl who worked there asked me about my cookie and I shared it with her. She loved it. I told her the recipe. : ) Should have told her like “Check COOKING IN THE POCKET! girl!!”

That’s a beauty!! Can you see steel cut oats and flax seeds? They did amazing job!!

J, Hope it helps you at least you can get the idea. : )

Let’s have a cookie time with this song!

Just in case, this blog gets HUGE, I put just initial of the names. Hey, you! you German! Don’t laugh at my blog!


4 responses to “Green Figs

  1. These cookies look SO good!! I love how experimental you are – and the use of steel cut oats. I’ve never used them in cookies, but I love the idea and will have to remember it for next time.
    And very jealous of the green figs. I’ve never had a fresh fig, but looove the dried ones 🙂

    • Strongly recommend you to try steel cut oats. They are amazing!! : )
      Fresh figs are adorable!! When you visit Cali, will treat you with tons of fresh figs!! : D Haven’t had dried ones for like a decade, I should have some,,,

  2. I found this by Googling “figs + mouth + numb”, so you’re not the only one.

    Doesn’t seem to happen with dried ones, oddly enough.

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