Cheese curds sky

Doesn’t it look yummy?

When I woke up this morning, there were cheese curds in the sky.  German thought it’s pop corn. Silly you German!! : )

Since I came back to normal life from super duper relaxed time in the Sin city, have been busy. For example I had 5 hr rehearsal yesterday. Yes for 5hrs….. and No Break!! We ran through 25 songs for a gig this Saturday. Sixty something year old guy has lost his wife recently and he wants to have a memorial party for her, their friends and families.  It’s sad but how sweet of him.  He has an amazing house in Beverly Hills (as I heard), me and the other band members will have fun with playing gorgeous tunes(he asked us to play Not sad songs), and I get big FAT paid. That’s even sweeter!! : )

I like to play in the studio, but this kind of party is more than welcome especially when you need more money for FOOOOOOOOD!! : )

I dedicate this song to all the people out there who are so in love.

BTW some one left this suit case in Treasure Island.

Cutest carrier EVER!!


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