Paid vacation.

I’m in Treasure Island right now,,, looking for silver and gold…..

I came to vegas yesterday and what I have done is eating, sleeping and eating.

So what happening in here is, that German guy has a gig tonight and I get the room and free food. Logically doesn’t make sense that He works but I get basically everything? Ow have I mentioned that I even get paid?? : ) Yes because I need to drive after the show tonight and it will be around 2 am or so AND we need to be in Woodland hills by 7 45 am to play at church. Me and that German will switch but it still will be tough to drive at 4 am…!!

However I’ve been enjoying some free stuff,,,, like

free room,

free comedy show,

pool with a dj,,,,, yes it’s free, too.

free food,,, I have 24 access for buffet====>DANGEROUS. It was my afternoon snack. And I eat like CRAZY in here. Even though I’m not hungry, I just go EAT.  My plan was hanging at the pool with some iced green tea or coffee but since it’s ridiculously HOT outside and starbuskcs is also ridiculously WAY more expensive. Like $4. 50 for tall latte?? Boooooooooo

I also get free spa and I love it but for some reason, I’m not in that mood except eating. How RIDICULOUS I am!!

I have more than 24 hrs in vegas.  I have NO interest about gambling, drinking, shopping, clubbing. Is there anything else I can do in the sin city?

Well since I’ve got some free stuff, I’m gonna take an advantage of it, yes as much as possible and practice, read a book, and relax. Perfect plan in Vegas!!

Hope everybody enjoys the weekend wherever you are!!


2 responses to “Paid vacation.

  1. i was thinking of going to vegas tonight but it looks like it’s not going to happen. if it were all comped, though….how do you like treasure island?!

    • TI was pretty good but nothing VERY special , I liked it though! When I went to vegas for the first time, I tried to check EVERYTHING and got exhausted but this time, I totally stayed in the comfort zone. : ) Hope you had an awesome weekend!!!

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