Groovy night.

I didn’t know blogging would make me this happy!! It’s very lovely to meet new people and other bloggers who I have read their blogs for a while but never had chance to talk. In addition, for some reason I feel more comfortable to write about me and upload pictures that show what I eat and what I do, than places like facebook or myspace.  I’m glad that I started loving more about blogging. Hope I do this consistently.

OK, let’s see what I had for dinner last night,,,,hmmmmmm,,,,,

Do you like to cook rice? Eat rice? even without a rice cooker?  It’s easier cooking rice with the rice cooker but not that hard than some people think. I grew up in Korea so I know how to deal with rice without any measuring tools but when I get some, I’ll post again about How to cook RICE. Ow, you guys already know? That’s great!!! But I know for sure that German doesn’t know so I’ll do for him someday soon.

Let’s see how to make Veggie rice.

Step 1. Prepare your favorite vegetables. Mine were salary, carrots, mushrooms(A LOT), zucchini, broccoli, and basil.

Step 2. Put rice, water and vegetables on the top. and….cook it!

Step. 3 Enjoy with hard boiled eggs and sauce(soy sauce, chopped garlic, leek, pepper flakes, black pepper, your favorite oil-sesame, olive, flax,,,, whatever you like!)

Try mixing with hard boiled eggs. You will have DIFFERENT texture…… Don’t be scary,,,, and the sauce, I made it while the rice was been cooking. Raw garlic and leek in soy sauce….. Don’t be scary!!!!!!!!!  It’s tasty!!!!!!!!! : ) Hey German, can you prove it??

Have a groovy night with this song!!


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  1. yum!

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