My name is Yucca!

The first time I had yucca was in 2002. I was in Houston for 4 months to visit my family, travel and maybe MASTER English PERFECTLY for FOUR months.

In that time, I had a friend, Annasabrina from Venezuela. She was gorgeous not just her face and BODY but her heart. One day she invited me to her place and I was introduced by her husband, mom, brother and Venezuela food. Home made empanada, guacamole, salsa, more food that I don’t remember the names, and fried YUCCA!!!!

It was so crunchy out side but buttery soft inside and totally different from regular potato fries. I love that texture of yucca.

Since then I’d always missed it cause we don’t have yucca in korea and even after I moved to America, for some reason I couldn’t think about cooking yucca. Have you ever seen yucca root? For me it just makes me like “hmmm I know you are yum but you look so tough to cook. Maybe next time…..” Luckily  I’ve had it a couple times at brazilian restaurant Bossa Nova and columbian restaurant(opps I don’t remember the name… it was in Reseda, I think).

However!!! the other night I bought YUCCA and ATE it!!! It was easier than I thought.

Step 1. Peel yucca. It’s probably the hardest part to cook yucca. The skin is pretty hard. But if you have worked out, NO PROBLEM!! : )

Step 2. Boil the yucca for 10~15 min.

Step 3. Take it out from the pot then leave in for another 15~20 min to cool down.

Step 4. Cut it.

Step 5. Bake!! 450 F for 10 ~15 min.

I added some onions and beets.

Step 6. Are you ready to eat??!!

Dipping sauce- mayo(I have mayo like one teaspoon/year), bruschetta, hot sauce, chopped garlic, black pepper.

If you haven’t had yucca yet, try it!!! I don’t know how to describe  that texture but all I can say is it’s REALLY good. REALLY. Is there anybody who would like to teach English for me??!!

2 postings a day? Not bad!, right?


2 responses to “My name is Yucca!

  1. Yucca looks delicious! I would love to try it.

    I love your About page and your pretty name…we live so close by! We’ll definitely need to meet up at the next blogger get together.

    • Hi Ameena, how sweeeet of you! Thanks for visiting here! I’m soooo glad that we FINALLY TALK to each other! haha. Because I’ve been reading your blog for a while so that I feel like I’ve known you forever! If you need a nanny, anytime! I’d love to learn English and French from Maya. : )
      Yucca is delicious. Maybe we should have a bloggers’ meeting at place where has yucca! Have a peaceful night in here crazy LA….

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