Instant Granola??

I think I can call this for INSTANT granola. Because….

Step 1. Toast oat, sunflower seeds, raisins. etc. 450F. 5 min. (I have a mini toaster oven so didn’t have to preheat)

Step 2. Mix with almond butter, cinnamon and non sweet shredded coconut  with toasted ingredients. You can put any kind of sweets but raisins make it sweet enough.

When you mix with almond butter, they stick together so you can eat as itself or with any kind of milk. But I personally like it without any liquid.

I had with a nectarine and yes, it was gooood breakfast. (Took a pic before I mixed)

I love this granola so much!!!!!! Everytime I get BORED or crave for snacks, I make this. EASY &YUM!!!!!

Have you heard a song Lovely Day by Bill Withers?

Let’s have a very LOVELY day today!!


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