Bake Bake Baby

Happy Saturday!!!

I am 28 times happier than usual at the moment cause when I woke up this morning I had a message said “A new comment is waiting for your approval” WHAT???!!! wow!!! THEEEE first comment!!!!!!

It’s was Heather from HEAB!!! I’ve been checking her blog for almost year and she is the one who makes me obsessed with almond butter. but never left any message. Cause I was little bit shy saying something to someone who I have not met in real world. However since I opened this blog, I started talking to people in the cyber world and I feel GROOVY!!!!!

As soon as I figured out that the first comment form Heather, I did text to German guy to tell him what happened and he said “I’m really proud of you!!!!” hahaha. Thanks again! : )

I had a good work out at the gym yesterday and as soon as I got out from the gym, there was only one in my head. BAKED VEGGIE!!!!!

Step 1. Prepare you favorite veggies. Mine were zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, kale and corn.

Step 2. Little bit of S&P, olive oil, and I sprinkled little bit of cumin and basil flakes.

Step 3. Bake them. 450F. I put corn first for 20 min then put the other veggies.  Took kale out  13 min after  I put it in the oven. So Corn for 45 min and others for 25 min except kale.

Step 4. Let’s eat!

I had it with a peach, avocado and basil leaves. Yum Yum Yum!!! After finished this dish, had 2 more sticks of corn. (I bet this is not the right way to say. What is correct way to say that? Please feel free to teach me!!!)

German guy couldn’t enjoy this with me last night cause he’s BUSY. He’s a rock star.  heeeheeeheeeheee but seriously, he is! : )

He can have some left over though.

The weather in LA has been so weird. Super cloudy and foggy in the morning(sometimes till noon), luckily sunny in the day time, FREEZING at night(at least for me).  It’s already sunny today!!!! Gonna be a good day today!!

Hope EVERYBODY has a fantastic and peaceful weekend!!!


One response to “Bake Bake Baby

  1. That looks really yummy!! Good job!

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