MAJOR producer

I had a quite bad day yesterday. “MAJOR producer is seeking musicians!!” I usually ignore that kind of email or text from people but this time, I’d heard one of my favorite drummer,who used to play with me in all girl FUNK band, would  be flying from Oakland for this jam&audition so I went to a studio. Call time 6. That MAJOR producer got @ 7 1o. Musicians(upcoming young ones, like a guitar player for Jordin Sparks? She used to be in that funk band with me too! yes I’m very proud of her!!) started playing but he was outside. He came in, watched people playing, asked them for solo, drank beer, and smoked IN the studio. haha. ‘This is NOT happening. Doesn’t matter he’s thee MAJOR producer or not.’ After my friend killed on drums, we left.

Apparently that major producer used to be in a quite popular group  in 90s when Boys to Men were on the top, they were like rivals. Seriously, doesn’t matter who used to be popular or still popular if they don’t care about other people. The top of the top musicians I’ve met, all of them are down to earth and respect every human being. I bet that is one of the important portion to succeed.

I felt like wasting time and energy but the good thing was I could learn something from it AGAIN!!

Another good thing was I made awesome veggie STEAK! Well you can call it veggie patties too! and yes! of course!! It’s easy!!!

Step 1. Prepare your favorite veggies. Mine were zucchini, carrots, onions, olives, mushrooms, black beans, broccoli +flax seeds, sunflower seeds

AND potato!! I used juice from it to make steak chewy.

Step 2. Put some whole wheat flour, oat, eggs, S&P then mix it.

Step 3. Make the shape then dip into oat. I did this to make outside crunchy.  Then place it in the cooking pan.

Didn’t have enough space for all these patties, so I made one big one on the pan with SOME oil.

Step 4. Bake them. 430F for approximately 46 min. I baked corns too. Then,,, DONE!!

Mine. I made kale salad and brown rice as well.


That German guy’s.

Roommate’s. With spicy soy sauce. (soy sauce+hot sauce +pepper=killer!!)

Another healthy & tasty meal! : ) German guy made a burger with the patty and bruschetta. It was soooooooo gooooooooood, too!!

German and roommate said I’m an amazing cook. yay!!!!


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