Quality time

Feel gloomy? Lonely? or…. too happy??!!

Let’s have some dark chocolate!!!

I made some chocolate the other night. REALLY easy except taking some time to malt chocolate.  I know it takes way shorter and easier if you use a microwave but I don’t have one and I don’t even want to have it. Yes, I don’t like the microwave.

OK, you wanna see how I made this chocolate?? : )

Step 1.  Melt chocolate.  I used Baker’s dark chocolate.

Step 2. Put almond butter and sweet.  ( You can add regular butter, oil, or can use different kind of nut butter. I used agave btw)

Step 3. Put seeds, nuts, dried fruits. (mine was with flax seed, almonds, toasted steel cut oats, and non sweet shredded coconut)

Step 4. Mix it, scoop it and put it on the dish or wherever you want!

I put some more coconut on some of them. Wish I had small containers or something that I can pour the chocolate then cool it down. It would be prettier…. HOWEVER it’s ok!!!!! Cause it’s still very tasty!!!!!

Let’s have a break from work, practice, or being serious then have a quality time with chocolate!


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