Summer time Soaked Oatmeal

We had NO pizza and salad today for lunch at church. That means someone( one lady at church, forgot her name) cooked for the praise and worship team and it was Mexican(Baked nachos with cheese and onions, white rice, refried beans)

I love Mexican food but I didn’t feel for it today. I still appreciate her cooking SO MUCH though.

Luckily, I had this oatmeal in my refrigerator. It was for breakfast tomorrow but since I couldn’t  have any food for almost 10 hrs, this was just prefect! yeah ready to be eaten!!

I  soaked steel cut oats and flax seeds with chocolate almond milk and water for almost 24 hrs.  Put some frozen berries and almond butter.

24 hr could’t make steel cut oats soft. It’s still little bit hard but definitely chewable. I will try it next time for 48 hrs.

With rolled oats, even 3 hrs enough to be eaten but the more you soak in, it gets stickier which I LOVE it!

I already soaked another oatmeal for tomorrow but this time I’m thinking to blend it so I can have oatmeal shake?! We will see… btw who’s WE? No one reads my blog except me and one German guy. And even that German guy reads when I FORCE him to read. Well who cares??!! I like to post it!! yay!!!!!


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