No rehearsal! No gig!! Yes, it’s my off day!!!!!

I woke up at 7 30 then I kept telling myself  “Song, go to sleep again, please wake up late. You deserve it.” I listened to myself. I woke up at 11!!!!!! I sometimes love to be lazy. Who doesn’t??!!

I had a banana for BREAKFAST then went hiking to Runyon Canyon where is located in the middle of Hollywood. I’ll post some pictures about it next time.

I already made a plan for lunch LAST night and I cooked it exactly what I planned.

I had grilled eggplant and apple(what??!! APPLE??!! WHY??!! , why not? I’m going to put pear next time. Well it’s better to have fruits before you have a meal then after and I just wanted to do it!! result? successful!!), spinach, steamed brocccoli, eggs with salsa+HOT sauce. It was good. Yes it was GOOD.

This evening, I went to my pastors’ house in Calabasas.What a view!!!

We had a surprise going away party there for Daven who is going to Australia to study for 3 years.  So many people came for her even a 7 day old baby boy!!

I love her. She is wise, beautiful, witty, and  lovely and she is my FRIEND.

We don’t want her to leave us  but we know for sure she will come back soon with an Ausie boyfriend. 3 year will go super fast and I am already excited to see more grown Daven. wow She will be so POWERFUL!!

I love you friend.


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