Juice cleanse Day 6

Totally slept in. Skipped breakfast, had lunch ( apple cucumber orange juice)@2, left for one of students performing in north Hollywood, visited Korean family in Malibu and……then…… ATE Korean food. No Korean BBQ but some traditional Korean snack. It was not polite to say NO to food with especially Korean people who are older than I am and prepare food just for me so I ate but didn’t feel guilty : p

I will not stop my cleansing and I don’t think this eating will effect a lot(hopefully).

It’s already midnight but I still have some work to do so…… So long!!!




Juice cleanse Day 5

Hi one reader out there!! Yes you!!! I guess you are the only one who reads my blog. I appreciate it. : )
It was pretty good today. I had to be at school all day today so after breakfast I couldn’t eat at all. We are that busy…which is awesome.

Breakfast – apple celery juice
Dinner – apple carrot juice + mashed banacado(banana and avocado)
Kinda cheated cause banacado is not juice but who cares!!!!

Ok so this mashed banana and avocado tastes soooooooo good!! Just try, you will love it. Feel like eating baby food.




Pictures from my breakfast.

Grocery shopping for sure tomorrow.

On day 7, I’m gonna post how different since I started cleansing……. Excited???!!! : p

Saw Colombiana at 3 dollar theater in Pasadena. Totally reminded me of the Professional one of my FAVORITE movie. The movie was good the weather was insanely cold!!!

Hope you have a cozy and warm night.

Juice cleanse Day 4

Wish it were day 5…: p
Not bad today. No craving for food no hunger for food. It’s like Newton’s first law… Until something crazy powerful hits me, I will stay this status…. Feeling good without food.

I don’t know why but I keep forgetting taking pictures. Got one from dinner though…..


Mighty apple celery juice with a painting of a cup cake that one of my student painted for me. She knew what I am all about….

Breakfast – apple cucumber juice
Lunch- again…. Apple cucumber juice
Dinner – apple celery juice.

I know I’ve been drinking so much apple blah juice and it’s not really healthy only drinking few different fruits and veggies BUT it’s just so tasty and easy to make. Will TRY to TRY some different stuff though.

Talked to students and parents and some of them still don’t have power so that they need to spend tonight all together in the same room without any heat but blankets. How lucky I am that everything is fine and working in my home and the school. Really hope that they get warm together and power back ASAP.

Have a warm night people.

Juice cleanse Day 3

Last night was crazy with winds and I didn’t feel that good today.

It happens like getting grumpy an more tired than usual when you do cleanses especially first 3-5 days. I am there right now.

Breakfast – apple cucumber juice
Lunch- apple celery juice
Dinner- OMG that’s why I’m feeling bad…. I haven’t had dinner yet!! Frankly I cheated…. Had a banana.




It’s harder to take pictures when you are making juice than cooking something. And I keep forgetting taking pictures. That was apple celery juice FYI.

And some pictures from old town Pasadena and Pasadena. CRAZY!!

Hope everybody is safe.

Juice cleanse Day 2

All I want for Christmas is bread and butter. This cleansing went so good till I talked about thanksgiving with a mom of one student at our school. We talked about what we did and had for thanksgiving around 5 pm and I almost touched the bread when I got home like 30 min ago but grabbed cucumber, apples and carrots and made juice. Cucumber makes the juice so fresh!! Well it was yummy and I think I’m good without bread and butter. It’s kinda interesting that you still crave for real food and feel hungry even though after you have super yummy and huge amount of juice however wait 12 min more then you start feeling satisfied. Pretty cool.





Breakfast and lunch: sweet potato apple juice

Dinner: apple carrot cucumber juice

Sweet potatoes make juice milkiiiish….. I meant like milk…. Very tasty.

It’s ONLY 7 15 pm now. Will have some ‘sweet potato latte’ in a couple hours.

Btw my 5year old MacBook is way too slow to blog so I guess I will do with my iPhone till I get something…..

Have a groovy night!!

Juice cleanse Day 1

Feeling great already. : )
It was a real busy day that I honestly didn’t have time to drunk enough juice but I made sweet potato juice for lunch and apple, carrot, cucumber and celery juice for dinner….very late dinner @10.






I’m still posting this from my phone. I haven’t been able to check with my laptop so I’m super super curious how it looks like. I just added some pictures. Can you see them??

I used to get grumpy and mean from day 1 to 3 when I did cleanse but this time for some reason I feel so calm and peaceful even though I couldn’t have breakfast juice.

Hope I feel great tomorrow as well. Have a sweet night!

Juice cleanse

Been eating way too much butter and bread my body and soul so fat that I’m not able to think except food and am not able to move myself except to get food. My body started giving me the sign that it needs a break from too much food. So here I am. I’m gonna do juice cleanse. I’ve done Dr.Shultz’s bowl cleanse twice before and I LOVED it. However this time since I got the new Champion Juicer, will do juice cleanse.

Let me get back to you with pictures and more stories about cleanse later. (I’m posting this with my phone and I have no idea how it will look like)

Have a great day!!